2010 Top Ten PC symptoms

Many computer users still think of poisoning early in the Internet, such as the colorful insects crawling on the screen, desktop wallpaper constantly shaking, seriously, a lot of files infected by the virus into a strange icon ... ... in fact, increasingly with the Internet application The more popular, simple prank virus damage and less and less, replaced by a rogue adware and Trojan hidden deep types. Recently, 360 10 Security Center summarized the most common types of Trojan horse computer virus phenomenon, whereby netizens can not determine the computer system is in danger.

IE and other browsers home page URL into a strange, often difficult to change back into their home habits, this is by promoting rogue web sites Trojans earn "promotion fee";

Second, the extra desktop "free movies", "site navigation", "online Taobao", "online games" and other advertising icon, point to open a specific web page will open, the same Trojan horse as a tool to promote a performance;

Third, if your normal network conditions, QQ or the game is suddenly dropped, this is likely to Trojan in the dark, cut corners, must immediately Denglu QQ or game Guan network, using the Mi security card back accounts, the users should be replaced by conditional a secure computer to carry out such operations.  At the same time bear in mind that killing Trojans, be sure not to login the game enter "warehouse" password, so as not to "warehouse" is also Daohao looted;

Fourth, move your mouse, camera, open your hard disk lights flashing for no reason ... ... These are not supernatural phenomenon, it might be someone with a Trojan horse remote control your computer, the most appropriate killing is also a full scan;

Fifth, has been working hard in the lower right corner of the desktop security software, not open, and point the shortcut can not run, security vendors can not access the official website, this is a very bad situation for a class, it usually means a group of Trojans are going on your computer in a big fight.  Of course, then you do not necessarily need to reinstall the system, copied from other computers on a "first-aid box 360 system" will solve the stubborn Trojans cleanup;

Six, and sometimes you will find that the browser does not honestly address bar enter the URL to access, such as to visit the Web site A, open it is the site B, which is usually the DNS domain name resolution Trojan altered the results, there is a Class is replacing a system of regular Trojan hosts file;

Seven, if someone tells you that your QQ or MSN to send some spam messages often, or even borrow money news, there is no doubt that your account is stolen a chat. Trojan hacking may be, is also possible that some of your friends in the class Web site using the "Invite Friends" feature, leaking their chat ID and password.At this time, change the password is required, scanning killing Trojans also necessary;

Eight, there is a class situation and QQ about: a lot of fake Web page on the suspension with the "QQ winning" message, a lot of people see that this is false. However, if the desktop icon into the bottom right corner of the QQ winning news flashes, this is the computer poisoning phenomenon. QQ Trojan can hide some icons and replace them with fake fishing information. Even more frightening is that these Trojans can also read your QQ number, the number displayed in the message box, strong enough to confusing the real ones;

 Nine, often unfamiliar users online exchange of photographs, which to mix a lot of Trojans. Simple way to judge is to check the files sent by other types of images if the surface is, the file extension Que is the exe, com, src and other executable program, when you click on this "picture", the computer will no doubt by Trojan invasion. Do not underestimate this type of Trojan horse means of communication, a screen name, "Alone," the hacker to "send photos" send on behalf of Trojan, steal a seven Nvwang more than 30 sheets and 20 video clips nude, extortion of money in recent 3 million;

Ten, the last type of situation is relatively emotional, more dependent on the users decide for themselves, the computer is becoming a little slow, the Internet is not a sudden "turtle speed", Task Manager is not the process have become more you do not know, these Trojans are also engaged in "underground" work symptoms.

360 security experts suggest that complement vulnerability patch, download files from the formal channels of credible, regular use of security software to scan is the best way away from the Trojans. Maintain the health of their computers, on the one hand to protect their property and privacy, but also made the equivalent contribution to the overall Internet security.


ESS / EAV general activation Nod32 Username And Password

User Name: TRIAL-36175194
Pass Word :dnm7pfdfj2

User Name :TRIAL-36175215
Pass Word :rvr6b5u4eu

User Name :TRIAL-36175241
Pass Word :up34h82a5u

User Name :TRIAL-36174398
Pass Word :sph6584hb4

User Name :TRIAL-36175023
Pass Word :7kt2ntknsa

User Name :TRIAL-36175048
Pass Word :f36srs3jh5

User Name :TRIAL-36175269
Pass Word :nusbpv5u8p

User Name :TRIAL-36175293
Pass Word :efu4x87t6a

User Name :TRIAL-36175324
Pass Word :tmk2ne8jcn

User Name :EAV-31494232
Pass Word :vhspcntnb8

User Name :EAV-31527646
Pass Word :a5p7cxrr87

User Name :EAV-31413050
Pass Word :ravatarner

User Name :TRIAL-34887179
Pass Word :64vhf4mk83

User Name :TRIAL-36199543
Pass Word :vcc554he8p

User Name :TRIAL-34894982
Pass Word :fnfc6ahb6t

User Name :EAV-29110196
Pass Word :8b3sp4jvxf

User Name :TRIAL-36212952
Pass Word :ku5xjd8frn

User Name :EAV-34806596
Pass Word :5rcduntv2s

User Name :TRIAL-36121041
Pass Word :2cpuaek3db

User Name :EAV-31412708
Pass Word :ua2h8p7bhk

User Name :EAV-31413050
Pass Word :ravatarner

User Name :EAV-31422967
Pass Word :dhvahcfrde

User Name :EAV-31423058
Pass Word :f6vbascs7r

User Name :EAV-31423153
Pass Word :fscjtnhxfs

User Name :EAV-31332990
Pass Word :bntc5tvuh2

User Name :EAV-31453541
Pass Word :pskeb2njku

User Name :EAV-31453649
Pass Word :2phtapf88

Super-virus attack on Iran nuclear power plant seismic network

Xunzi in the "Exhortation to Learning" middle: blue, taken from the blue, and green in the blue; ice, water worth, and cold in the water. The earliest English from hackers hacker, originally referred to the enthusiastic computer technology, the level of skilled computer experts, particularly programmers.

Xunzi in the "Exhortation to Learning" middle: blue, taken from the blue, and green in the blue; ice, water worth, and cold in the water. The earliest English from hackers hacker, originally referred to the enthusiastic computer technology, the level of skilled computer experts, particularly programmers. But today, the term hacker refers to those who have been specifically used for sabotage or mischief computer network guy, the right of the English name for these people is Cracker, was translated as "hackers."

With the continuous expansion and upgrading of the Internet, hackers have claws extended from the Internet to the car (Related: Red Alert! Hacking will lead to brake failure), power grid or even a machine of war between nations.Safety awareness in the Internet users are not mature enough, not perfect security measures extremely prosperous era of the black industry, in terms of money and interest, driven by more and more black hackers, viruses, more and more drugs.

Viruses and hackers into the future war and the soldiers guns

The network become the future platform for the war battleground, one of the war in the future to determine the size of the United States and Russian military experts believe that the possibility of outbreak of nuclear war is almost zero, the next war will be a comprehensive high-tech " non-contact war "alone, a particular technique, a certain kind of weapons and equipment, the advantages of a particular field, it will be difficult about the outcome of armed conflict. Network warfare and electronic warfare will certainly occupy an important position in future wars, but only a combination of both that information warfare is the next major form of war.

 "Soldiers are the masters of war, the war created for the military", this sentence in future wars will no longer apply. Some cutting-edge technology to master the "non-uniformed person" will be outside the battlefield in the future determine the outcome of the war. U.S. Department of Defense has now started to recruit computer "hackers", ready to be used in future wars will paralyze the enemy of its computer and communication command system.

Recently, computer security experts have discovered a powerful "network worm." In this called "shock web" of the virus in-depth analysis, more and more people believe that this may be the world's first network of weapons into combat, it is probably targeted by the Western condemnation of suffering Iran Bushell nuclear power plant.

Semi-official Iranian news agency reported, the NEA is taking all necessary measures to clear the invasion of computer systems, "worm."  It is generally believed that the virus may specifically for the Department of destruction of the enemies of Iran nuclear Bushell and "tailor-made". It is reported that in July this year the virus has been recognized computer experts in Germany. Apart from Iran, but the virus in India, the United States and stir up trouble in Indonesia.

 "Christian Science Monitor" reported that this new virus to a variety of advanced technology, with strong stealth and destructive.As long as the computer operator U will be infected disk into USB port, this virus will not hesitate in the case (without any other action required or prompted) to obtain a number of industrial control computer system .

Compared with the traditional computer viruses, "Earthquake Network" virus will not profit by stealing private information. Targets for attack because of its important objectives around the world, and without the need to spread through network connections, so it is characterized as some experts put the world's first practical stage "network arms." Once the software is sold into the black market, the consequences would be disastrous. U.S. Department of Homeland Security has also set up specialized agencies to deal with "shock web" virus.

As the "shock web" viral structure is very complicated, so it should be a "senior team by the state-funded research and development of crystallization." It is no longer their responsibility to gather intelligence, but according to instructions, identify and destroy some of the "highly controversial" The vital goal.Currently, the world has at least 45,000 industrial control system was "shock web" virus to patronize, to combat those who are not their target systems, "Earthquake Network" will leave "electronic fingerprint" and left, continue to look for the real target.

It is speculated that the Russian power plant responsible for building Bushell used by engineers and technicians U disk may be important in this channel of transmission of the virus. It is unclear in this "storm worm" of the nuclear power plant will be put into operation in October this year have a serious impact. Many computer experts suspect that perhaps the United States and Israel is the "shock network" behind the operation of the virus, but no one has publicly come forward to confirm or deny this.

According to reports, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, 25, said that if Western countries able to provide raw materials for nuclear power plants in Iraq, the country can be considered to stop processing the abundance of 20% enriched uranium. This year in February, as Western countries failed to reach agreement on these issues, Ahmadinejad ordered Iran to start producing 20% enriched uranium. At present, Iran's uranium enrichment can produce abundance of only 3.5%.Western countries believe Iran to develop nuclear energy under the guise of a nuclear bomb.

For this statement, Iran sternly denied that the country intends to seek a nuclear bomb rumors, and stressed that he only needs for power generation and other civilian nuclear research before.Is widely believed that Iran needs to obtain 90% abundance of super-enriched uranium needed to obtain the processing of nuclear raw materials.

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that, recently, the world's first network of "super weapons", a computer virus called Stuxnet has infected more than 45,000 networks around the world, Iran was the most serious attack, 60% PC infected with this virus.  Computer security experts believe the virus is ever high-end "worm" virus, and its purpose may be to attack Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant. Bushehr nuclear power plant is being equipped with nuclear fuel, in accordance with the plan, which should begin operation in August this year.

 "Worm" is a typical computer viruses that can replicate itself and copies over the network, any personal computer connected to a computer as long as exposure, will be infected.This Stuxnet June this year the virus was first detected, is the first dedicated attack the infrastructure in the real world, "worm" virus, such as power stations and water plants.The current Internet security experts worried. Some experts believe that, Stuxnet virus designed to attack Iran is an important industrial facilities, including the completion of the Bushehr nuclear power plant last month.It is the invasion of a personal computer, it will look widely used to control industrial systems such as factories, power stations running on a Siemens automatic software. It does this by re-programming of software attack, a new program to machine code, or enter the command potential great risk.  Experts point out that the virus can control the process and open a series of key executive and eventually cause the entire system of self-destruction.

Kaspersky said a senior security researcher Daiweiaimu, Stuxnet with other viruses differ in that it aimed at the real world.They company has joined hands with Microsoft to find vulnerabilities in the program code to prevent the new virus to find it.

Tim Love, said most of the virus is usually like a large-caliber pistols opened fire everywhere, and Stuxnet like a sniper, only targeted to specific systems.Once they found the code defects found in the house like the sunroof, and then pick a sheep's head forced open a larger hole. Stuxnet was designed purely is to sabotage.

Network security researchers in Germany have cracked Stuxnet Ralph Runner coding, and the public. He believed Stuxnet was designed, is to find and destroy its infrastructure, a key part. He said that this is a hundred percent in direct industrial processes for the real world of network attacks. It is not the so-called spyware virus, but simply the destruction of the virus.

Runner said, Stuxnet end of the virus, meaning that only a "national" in order to put it developed. According to our computer forensic aspects of the available evidence, it is clear the intention is to execute devastating attacks, destroying a large number of internal information. This is not a sit in my parents basement at home was out of hackers capable, the source of the attack points to a country.Stuxnet may have attacked its target, but we have not received the message only.

Recently, a well-known security firm detected a virus sweeping through the world of the industrial sector has invaded our country, worm, called Stuxnet Iran's nuclear power plants have resulted in delayed generation, currently has nearly 500 million Internet users, and a number of industry leaders Enterprise risk of such viruses. A well-known anti-virus security software company experts warn that many of our major businesses large presence in the absence of security system, may promote Stuxnet virus spread in large-scale enterprises.

A well-known security software company experts said this is the world's first written specifically for industrial control systems destructive viruses, it is also used, including MS10-046, MS10-061, MS08-067 vulnerability of 7 most recent attack.This loophole in the 7, 5 is for windows systems, two are for the Siemens SIMATIC WinCC system. Also in on the vulnerabilities of Microsoft's five, there are two local not to mention the right to fix vulnerabilities.

The virus is spread by the two companies disguised RealTek and JMicron digital signature, thereby successfully bypassing the security product testing. From the writing point of view means that the virus there is still much room for improvement in the future the same principle is likely to occur in the complex virus.
According to a well-known security software company's technology sector analysis, Stuxnet virus specifically for Siemens SIMATIC WinCC Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to attack, because the system a number of important industries in China are widely used, was used for iron and steel, electricity, energy, chemical industry and other important human-computer interaction and monitoring, once the attack is successful, it may cause abnormal operation with these companies, or even result in business data theft, production downtime and other serious accidents.

The virus is mainly carried out through the U disk and LAN communication, the installation of SIMATIC WinCC system, the computer usually physically isolated with the Internet, so hackers, the virus specifically to strengthen communication capacities U disk.If the business has not addressed the U disk and other removable devices strict management, leading some people to use the infected in LAN U disk, then the entire network will be infected.

Stuxnet virus is a multinational security experts described as the world's first "super plant viruses." Up to now, Stuxnet virus has infected more than 45,000 networks worldwide, Iran, Indonesia, the United States, Taiwan and other places have not been spared by which to attack Iran was the most serious, 60% of personal computers infected with this virus.

It is reported that as early as this July, a well-known security software company to monitor to Stuxnet appearance, has been tracking and actively develop a solution, a well-known security software company, security experts have warned that the general government and enterprise users: Be sure to U disk strictly limited the application of the dense network, if you must use, you should use the registration and establishment of system of accountability. In addition, a well-known anti-virus software, network security software company, also for this version of the virus, providing a complete U-disk virus prevention, network security management, virus scanning and other vicious complete solution.


2010年10月15日 NOD32升级ID

用户名: TRIAL-37146314
密 码: sfu6x326dp

用户名: TRIAL-37146344
密 码: 2xm6tdp6ka

用户名: TRIAL-37146371
密 码: ex683btj2n

用户名: TRIAL-37146395
密 码: p8nedcm8ca

用户名: TRIAL-37146429
密 码: b4e8xdxmkf

用户名: TRIAL-37146455
密 码: eup66h4s8f

用户名: TRIAL-37146481
密 码: 4cfhhcupbh

用户名: TRIAL-37146537
密 码: 4cx8rk8rs4

用户名: TRIAL-37146565
密 码: uhphvbccvx

用户名: TRIAL-37146589
密 码: 52ehsn4c4f

用户名: TRIAL-37145769
密 码: k78nd6v8cb

用户名: TRIAL-37145801
密 码: m6re5jvpta

用户名: TRIAL-37145873
密 码: ppuna7bdf6

用户名: TRIAL-37145890
密 码: nm2t767kac


Google adwords and adsense

Google Adsense!!
What is Google AdSense?

Many of us do not know what Google Adsense or information about blurry unfortunately, but the fact that they swept through the hurricane all the sites on the Internet, and you may not find a location away so that ads from Google Adsense, why not take advantage of this flood, as much as possible?

First, there are two types Google Adsense and Google Adwords

Google Adwords you need if you want to advertise on your site you can buy ads on Google search results that appear on the left, if you Tlahzawnha when using Google.

Here you party advertiser at Google.
What are you doing here Google?

Google has a lot of advertisers through the Google Adwords system does enough search results in Google search engine?
Of course not.

There is another party for the future of advertising system called Google Adsense is a system thing for taking it from google ads Google Adwords in order to put you.

What will you or Google?
Everyone will be happy in the end, you and your details:

There are 3 parties in this process 1 - you. 2 - Google. 3 - the advertiser.

1 - will benefit you commissions on every click pecks visitors to your site for Google ads.
2 - Google will benefit from the value of the part-per-click them without tiring it is here to play the role of mediator between you and the advertiser guarantees the right for you and ensure his ads without cheating (and will turn to the point of fraud because it is very important)

3 - will benefit the advertiser that their ads have spread to a huge area of the sites without the need to pay is for the visitor of the announcement only.

If Everything here has a role and interest, and everyone here happy.

But frankly why many people fail? And why a lot of deleted accounts!!

The fact is that the fault is not Google Adsense system it has a very harsh in dealing with irregularities and was to delete the account without warning and blamed them back here, I will mention here some of the reasons to delete the account:
Of course, the most important reason is that you are clicking on ads on your site and of course, does not alert you until you reach the amount of Albay in August however, is that your email address to trumpet the message that you delete your news.

Or to be in your sentences in Arabic, pictures, or anything that stimulates visitors to click on ads, of course, and, unfortunately, I notice a lot of sites owned by Arabs in this way.

Do not think yourself deceived by Google that may have received the first check, for example the fly your account at any time when the things exposed.

Also publish your links in chat rooms or work out spam and other methods this reason sure to delete your account. And there are plenty in terms of Google Adsense but the Arabs do not like reading in particular if the conditions and laws.

Does this mean that the profit from Google is impossible and that we won our account will be canceled!
It is very simple, all you need is to take care of first, the content of your site.

Visitor did not come to your site force him to click on ads has come to you for the benefit or service and passed a note whenever your valuable time whenever he stayed over at your site and put pressure on the ads more and more N will return to your site again, and perhaps more called you. So why do not care about this point with it is the most important and only care about how to cheat the best?

Another important element is the place to advertise your position!

Yes, where to place the ad and choose the sizes and other things very, very important.
Do not make your ads as pallets and only two lines in the bottom of the page talking about a subject, this method failed and the end of course, cancel the account.

We must care about the content of the site first, and abundant information to be useful and, secondly, that we know how to put these ads on the site, and know how to attract visitors to your site.

If you are able to achieve these conditions, I guarantee you success, God willing. Some sites earn 200-300 dollars a day from Google Adsense ads, why not just be them!


Increasing Your AdSense Income Online

Nothing like watching a frustrated Your Google AdSense Revenue trickling in cents, $ 0.10 $ 0.30 cents here and there, there is $ 0.0 cents. A lot about all this fuss about men making thousands per month with Adsense. Believe me, this Adze a strange thing to be!

Reading this article, in a bid for 4 facts, and even the wall, which will pay

Let's face it, if the site is my traffic anywhere in the hundreds per day, there is no way under the blue sky I'm
gonna make myself enough money over the Internet. I read a review of some of the sites with the movement of giant and they make more than $ 15,000 per month. Heck, make digital point anywhere around $ 10,000 per month for a share of 50% revenue with members contributed. This is the $ 10,000 being 50% of what remains after paying off members of the Forum. "Google pays Digital Point about $ 10,000 per month, depending on how many people view or click on those ads," said Shawn D. Hogan, the owner and CEO of digital technology points.

Here is the kicker. I'm not in my dreams I think you will have a web site than ever the point size of a digital, ever! But I can make 100 of them small. See, I'm just an average Joe trying to make head and tail, or both, whichever comes first, this
thingii Internet Money. Now I'm not sure I stick to the tail or the neck.

I've been doing some research on Google
Adsense, and I want to share with you some interesting things. Things that I did not know about things and I think if I knew earlier, I would still be having some hair left on my head. (Pulled a lot of runs to try to double my Adsense $ 0.40 per day). In any case, I have focused my research on how to improve my AdSense revenue even before that work to increase traffic to my blog 2.

In my research, I learned that the secret to increase your
AdSense revenue lies in the control of the four main factors, namely:

Create ads relevant

From my Google
Adsense Account Reports, I have noticed I earn much more than AdSense for content ad groups contrary to the AdSense referral ads and AdSense for search bar. If you have an Adsense account, and you know that there are three types of Adsense ads that you can choose to make use of Google services on your site. This is the Adsense for content ads that relate to your content public. Advertising content based on the best performance in generating revenue Google Adsense you are definitely the best bet. Make sure to focus your efforts to have as much content relevant advertisements possible if you want to make money.

Then there is the
AdSense referral ads, you can choose for your website. Do not relate to these ads with the content of your site and will announce anything of biofuels tickets. These ads Google is not doing as well as advertising-based content. The main reason is that your visitors are more interested in content related to what they were looking for in the first place. AdSense referral ads in second place, but to declare the content-based revenue generation. This is a distant second content of the ads.

Another type of ads that Google offers you to your web site is the Google search bar. Advertising Group Find this bar is that the visitor to your web site can type the name of what they are looking for in the bar. Bar connects directly to search Google and will bring the visitor to a page with many Google ads related to what you are looking for. I do not really tested the effectiveness of these groups ad from Google and therefore would not categorically say they are working or not. However, it's worth the search bar put in the corner of the page or at the bottom.

Ad groups discussed above three pictures, you will notice that the ads according to the content better performance than others. It's not science rocket to find out why. The main reason is that people with that search the Internet looking for information specific to their advantage. Therefore it is more likely to click on ads that appear relevant to their search. Written
adcopies Adsense such answers provided by the very specific needs and the visitor will click on the most likely to announce that seems to respond to their quest. And that's all you need to do to earn your money. Click OK.

For example, you will face people are looking for download the movie with ads that provide them with all kinds of benefits and various types of movies downloaded via the Internet. Similarly, people who are looking for water for will be bombarded gas groups to stop the cost and manuals for cars with the Declaration of mileage that provide an increase for a gallon of gas, etc. Again, focus on the application from Google that only relevant ads to the content of your site.

Adsense !!!! what is it?

Did you know what is Google Adsense?

its a program that you can make money with it by clicking on the advertisement .
you should not click on they advertise,but the visitors maybe do this,and each click into ads ,you will make money.

This is a general idea about adsense .I will explain how to get money fast and easy..

just stay here everyday and see how can you make money online without website,this is real ..