Super-virus attack on Iran nuclear power plant seismic network

Xunzi in the "Exhortation to Learning" middle: blue, taken from the blue, and green in the blue; ice, water worth, and cold in the water. The earliest English from hackers hacker, originally referred to the enthusiastic computer technology, the level of skilled computer experts, particularly programmers.

Xunzi in the "Exhortation to Learning" middle: blue, taken from the blue, and green in the blue; ice, water worth, and cold in the water. The earliest English from hackers hacker, originally referred to the enthusiastic computer technology, the level of skilled computer experts, particularly programmers. But today, the term hacker refers to those who have been specifically used for sabotage or mischief computer network guy, the right of the English name for these people is Cracker, was translated as "hackers."

With the continuous expansion and upgrading of the Internet, hackers have claws extended from the Internet to the car (Related: Red Alert! Hacking will lead to brake failure), power grid or even a machine of war between nations.Safety awareness in the Internet users are not mature enough, not perfect security measures extremely prosperous era of the black industry, in terms of money and interest, driven by more and more black hackers, viruses, more and more drugs.

Viruses and hackers into the future war and the soldiers guns

The network become the future platform for the war battleground, one of the war in the future to determine the size of the United States and Russian military experts believe that the possibility of outbreak of nuclear war is almost zero, the next war will be a comprehensive high-tech " non-contact war "alone, a particular technique, a certain kind of weapons and equipment, the advantages of a particular field, it will be difficult about the outcome of armed conflict. Network warfare and electronic warfare will certainly occupy an important position in future wars, but only a combination of both that information warfare is the next major form of war.

 "Soldiers are the masters of war, the war created for the military", this sentence in future wars will no longer apply. Some cutting-edge technology to master the "non-uniformed person" will be outside the battlefield in the future determine the outcome of the war. U.S. Department of Defense has now started to recruit computer "hackers", ready to be used in future wars will paralyze the enemy of its computer and communication command system.

Recently, computer security experts have discovered a powerful "network worm." In this called "shock web" of the virus in-depth analysis, more and more people believe that this may be the world's first network of weapons into combat, it is probably targeted by the Western condemnation of suffering Iran Bushell nuclear power plant.

Semi-official Iranian news agency reported, the NEA is taking all necessary measures to clear the invasion of computer systems, "worm."  It is generally believed that the virus may specifically for the Department of destruction of the enemies of Iran nuclear Bushell and "tailor-made". It is reported that in July this year the virus has been recognized computer experts in Germany. Apart from Iran, but the virus in India, the United States and stir up trouble in Indonesia.

 "Christian Science Monitor" reported that this new virus to a variety of advanced technology, with strong stealth and destructive.As long as the computer operator U will be infected disk into USB port, this virus will not hesitate in the case (without any other action required or prompted) to obtain a number of industrial control computer system .

Compared with the traditional computer viruses, "Earthquake Network" virus will not profit by stealing private information. Targets for attack because of its important objectives around the world, and without the need to spread through network connections, so it is characterized as some experts put the world's first practical stage "network arms." Once the software is sold into the black market, the consequences would be disastrous. U.S. Department of Homeland Security has also set up specialized agencies to deal with "shock web" virus.

As the "shock web" viral structure is very complicated, so it should be a "senior team by the state-funded research and development of crystallization." It is no longer their responsibility to gather intelligence, but according to instructions, identify and destroy some of the "highly controversial" The vital goal.Currently, the world has at least 45,000 industrial control system was "shock web" virus to patronize, to combat those who are not their target systems, "Earthquake Network" will leave "electronic fingerprint" and left, continue to look for the real target.

It is speculated that the Russian power plant responsible for building Bushell used by engineers and technicians U disk may be important in this channel of transmission of the virus. It is unclear in this "storm worm" of the nuclear power plant will be put into operation in October this year have a serious impact. Many computer experts suspect that perhaps the United States and Israel is the "shock network" behind the operation of the virus, but no one has publicly come forward to confirm or deny this.

According to reports, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, 25, said that if Western countries able to provide raw materials for nuclear power plants in Iraq, the country can be considered to stop processing the abundance of 20% enriched uranium. This year in February, as Western countries failed to reach agreement on these issues, Ahmadinejad ordered Iran to start producing 20% enriched uranium. At present, Iran's uranium enrichment can produce abundance of only 3.5%.Western countries believe Iran to develop nuclear energy under the guise of a nuclear bomb.

For this statement, Iran sternly denied that the country intends to seek a nuclear bomb rumors, and stressed that he only needs for power generation and other civilian nuclear research before.Is widely believed that Iran needs to obtain 90% abundance of super-enriched uranium needed to obtain the processing of nuclear raw materials.

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that, recently, the world's first network of "super weapons", a computer virus called Stuxnet has infected more than 45,000 networks around the world, Iran was the most serious attack, 60% PC infected with this virus.  Computer security experts believe the virus is ever high-end "worm" virus, and its purpose may be to attack Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant. Bushehr nuclear power plant is being equipped with nuclear fuel, in accordance with the plan, which should begin operation in August this year.

 "Worm" is a typical computer viruses that can replicate itself and copies over the network, any personal computer connected to a computer as long as exposure, will be infected.This Stuxnet June this year the virus was first detected, is the first dedicated attack the infrastructure in the real world, "worm" virus, such as power stations and water plants.The current Internet security experts worried. Some experts believe that, Stuxnet virus designed to attack Iran is an important industrial facilities, including the completion of the Bushehr nuclear power plant last month.It is the invasion of a personal computer, it will look widely used to control industrial systems such as factories, power stations running on a Siemens automatic software. It does this by re-programming of software attack, a new program to machine code, or enter the command potential great risk.  Experts point out that the virus can control the process and open a series of key executive and eventually cause the entire system of self-destruction.

Kaspersky said a senior security researcher Daiweiaimu, Stuxnet with other viruses differ in that it aimed at the real world.They company has joined hands with Microsoft to find vulnerabilities in the program code to prevent the new virus to find it.

Tim Love, said most of the virus is usually like a large-caliber pistols opened fire everywhere, and Stuxnet like a sniper, only targeted to specific systems.Once they found the code defects found in the house like the sunroof, and then pick a sheep's head forced open a larger hole. Stuxnet was designed purely is to sabotage.

Network security researchers in Germany have cracked Stuxnet Ralph Runner coding, and the public. He believed Stuxnet was designed, is to find and destroy its infrastructure, a key part. He said that this is a hundred percent in direct industrial processes for the real world of network attacks. It is not the so-called spyware virus, but simply the destruction of the virus.

Runner said, Stuxnet end of the virus, meaning that only a "national" in order to put it developed. According to our computer forensic aspects of the available evidence, it is clear the intention is to execute devastating attacks, destroying a large number of internal information. This is not a sit in my parents basement at home was out of hackers capable, the source of the attack points to a country.Stuxnet may have attacked its target, but we have not received the message only.

Recently, a well-known security firm detected a virus sweeping through the world of the industrial sector has invaded our country, worm, called Stuxnet Iran's nuclear power plants have resulted in delayed generation, currently has nearly 500 million Internet users, and a number of industry leaders Enterprise risk of such viruses. A well-known anti-virus security software company experts warn that many of our major businesses large presence in the absence of security system, may promote Stuxnet virus spread in large-scale enterprises.

A well-known security software company experts said this is the world's first written specifically for industrial control systems destructive viruses, it is also used, including MS10-046, MS10-061, MS08-067 vulnerability of 7 most recent attack.This loophole in the 7, 5 is for windows systems, two are for the Siemens SIMATIC WinCC system. Also in on the vulnerabilities of Microsoft's five, there are two local not to mention the right to fix vulnerabilities.

The virus is spread by the two companies disguised RealTek and JMicron digital signature, thereby successfully bypassing the security product testing. From the writing point of view means that the virus there is still much room for improvement in the future the same principle is likely to occur in the complex virus.
According to a well-known security software company's technology sector analysis, Stuxnet virus specifically for Siemens SIMATIC WinCC Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to attack, because the system a number of important industries in China are widely used, was used for iron and steel, electricity, energy, chemical industry and other important human-computer interaction and monitoring, once the attack is successful, it may cause abnormal operation with these companies, or even result in business data theft, production downtime and other serious accidents.

The virus is mainly carried out through the U disk and LAN communication, the installation of SIMATIC WinCC system, the computer usually physically isolated with the Internet, so hackers, the virus specifically to strengthen communication capacities U disk.If the business has not addressed the U disk and other removable devices strict management, leading some people to use the infected in LAN U disk, then the entire network will be infected.

Stuxnet virus is a multinational security experts described as the world's first "super plant viruses." Up to now, Stuxnet virus has infected more than 45,000 networks worldwide, Iran, Indonesia, the United States, Taiwan and other places have not been spared by which to attack Iran was the most serious, 60% of personal computers infected with this virus.

It is reported that as early as this July, a well-known security software company to monitor to Stuxnet appearance, has been tracking and actively develop a solution, a well-known security software company, security experts have warned that the general government and enterprise users: Be sure to U disk strictly limited the application of the dense network, if you must use, you should use the registration and establishment of system of accountability. In addition, a well-known anti-virus software, network security software company, also for this version of the virus, providing a complete U-disk virus prevention, network security management, virus scanning and other vicious complete solution.